DUII Services

Milestones Family Recovery DUII Program provides a didactic, issue-focused curriculum addressing the DUII and surrounding circumstances. A variety of people will be arrested, convicted or provided with diversion agreements and referred to DUII programs. Some will be persons who simply “made a mistake,” some will be developing alcohol problems, and others will be addicted to alcohol or other drugs.

The referral process will begin with an assessment by a qualified person (A.D.E.S.) designated by the court. Ongoing assessment based on ASAM criteria will continue throughout the information portion of the program. Completion and discharge will reflect the ASAM criteria.

Milestones DUII program participants will attend either an information segment or a rehabilitation segment, or outpatient treatment.

At the time of the intake and through the duration of the program, clients will be given referral information regarding recovery self-help groups.