Milestones Outpatient

Milestones Family Recovery OutpatientMilestones Family Recovery Out Patient Program offers a flexible schedule to meet individual needs. In addition to group therapy, Milestones offers individual and family therapy, gender specific services and life skills instruction.

During outpatient treatment, clients and their family members will be introduced to community based self-help support resources. Attention is paid to the development of a relapse prevention plan as well as self-directed recovery skills, including emotion regulation (anger management).

Upon successful completion of the intensive portion of their treatment plan, the client, family members included will be invited to participate in continuing care, attend one outpatient group per week for up to a year.

Our Outpatient Services are as follows:

  • Pre-treatment
  • Outpatient
  • DUII Services
  • Intensive Outpatient
  • Day Treatment
  • Immediate access for outpatient services
  • Flexible schedule

Choosing a Substance Abuse Program

Questions to ask your insurance Company
  1. What are my coverage limits?
  2. What conditions will my insurance company require me to meet before authorization?
Questions to ask the treatment program:
  1. How much does the program cost (including ancillary fees)?
  2. Am I responsible for what insurance doesn’t pay?
  3. Am I responsible if insurance fails to pay after authorization?
  4. What are the staff qualifications?
  5. What kind of research proven practices does the treatment program use?
  6. How can my family and/or support system be involved in my treatment?
  7. What community based support services can I access?
Continuing Care

When the recommended level of care is completed, continuing care and participation in our alumni group is encouraged for as long as is needed. Additional treatment planning, crisis intervention, and referrals are available.

Milestones accepts most insurance plans, Oregon Health Plan, and utilizes a sliding fee scale. For more more questions, please contact through email or call (541) 757-7534.