Women’s Residential Program

Milestones is purposely geared to small-group therapy and individual confidentiality. Residents receive treatment in a 12-bed, 2-story building that becomes “Home” for the duration of the treatment. Spacious living and dining areas, group meeting rooms, secluded courtyard, and comfortable furniture all contribute toward a friendly environment that’s especially conducive to our personalized therapeutic treatment.

The facility sits on an attractively landscaped double lot in a quiet residential area in between Oregon State University and downtown Corvallis. Smoking is not permitted on the program premises. The serene atmosphere of the house, yard, and community helps promote recovery for residents and their families.

Our treatment program for dependent women, (our residents) consists of complete abstinence from any mood-altering chemicals combined with education and counseling. Integral components of our treatment include peer support, group involvement, stress reduction through meditation and recreation, and involvement in 12-step self-help groups. After the residential portion of the program, some clients will transfer to a transitional phase and may stay up to a year while they reinforce their recovery skills and work on personal goals.

We educate residents about the seriousness of the disease and how it’s affecting their bodies and their minds. We help them see how their dependency has affected them and all the people surrounding them. We establish the pattern of interacting with others for needed support, especially in groups such as AA and Al-Anon.

We fill their hours with healthy living activities and provide counseling on nutrition, recreation, and meditation. And we work to instill self-esteem within each person, an element so important to recovery.

Milestones will make efforts to allow our resident’s young children to be with them during their treatment process. Each resident is allowed one child under age six to stay with her. We believe family involvement is essential for long-term recovery, lowers relapse rates, and gives women the support and encouragement to succeed in our program. Milestones is committed to providing treatment for pregnant women in order to help prevent drug affected babies.

The individuals involved in the treatment program at Milestones are qualified and caring professionals. Staff includes master’s level counselors, and an on-call physician. All have many years of experience in chemical dependency programs.

Milestones Residential treats women who are ambulatory and need a structured environment to recover from alcohol and other drug dependency. Clients are self-admitted or referred by another source. Clients needing acute detoxification will be referred to a nearby hospital.

Fee for the treatment program is reasonably priced and includes residential care, family participation and counseling, and outpatient group aftercare for clients and their families for a year following the admittance to the program. An initial assessment of potential clients is provided without charge. A portion, or all of the fee, may be covered by participants’ insurance companies. We accept Visa and Mastercard